Pump up air tanks in auto?

Would it be legal to pump up our air tanks in autonomous or at at any point in the match? Would it matter if the robot has left the starting tile?

I am pretty sure that is illegal.

From my understanding, you have to have the tanks pumped up before the match starts.

are there any rules that back that up?

you might want to post this in the official Q and A area so you get an official answer

You are not allowed to introduce anything other than Match Loads onto the robot after the match has started. Therefore, bringing a pump to the field and filling your air tanks once the match has started would be illegal. (This is only my interpretation and thought, not an official ruling by any means.)


At worlds last year, Karthik told us that we could bring the pump to the field, and pump up the tanks at the field. Pumping while the robot is physically on the field (we took ours off to pump the tanks) I wouldn’t think would be allowed.

we also were allowed to bring our pump to the field, we were just wondering if we could pump up again during the match (less tanks=less weight)


I am pretty sure that is illegal. You are not allowed to bring anything onto the playing field exept match loads once the match has started.

we thought that it probably was, but we are just making sure