Puncher Discussion


Puncher V1 video by Droideka

Are there other ways to build punchers rather than building them with slide rails?


I saw this video of a linear puncher from NBN that utilizes sprockets and chains as a substitute for the slide rails. The sprocket acts as a replacement for the gear and the chain acts as a replacement for a rack( in a rack and pinion).

Credit to 5735B for video

Hope this was helpful!


It is but the video is low quality


noo mat ix


@7517H I have a(n) improved Puncher


Looks like the one I built :wink:


@RunsWithScissors IT WAS SHUO’S (I thought…)


I’m working on a puncher that uses pillow blocks and shafts instead of linear slides…it’s mostly used to reduce friction and take up less space


I had to rebuild what he had built so… not exactly. I built it.


something something Theseus’s paradox


i was thinking about a puncher design and i don’t know what to do?