Puncher Issues


Our team currently has a 2 motor 1:1 puncher. It can shoot flags in little time. We are running into a problem where the c-channel that slams forward to hit the balls is too powerful. This loosens the screws on the trunks and eventually the trunks fall off. We tried adding anti-slip math to adsorb some of the shock but this didn’t help. Any advice would be appreciated.

try using lock nuts or loctite or something to stop the screws from loosening. or make it less powerfull. or just tighten the screws before each match

As @Xenon has mentioned and as my name mentions… use nylocks!

Again, nylocks are your friend. If you don’t have/can’t get any, use long screws and put a tightened shaft collar next to the nut so it literally can’t loosen.

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You could also get clever with rubber links to make some sort of shock absorber. Works pretty well for us.

I wrapped a standoff in layers of surgical tubing. Works about the same way on my catapult.

We won’t be able to use nylocks because we are using the linear slider outer trunk shown below.

We had the same problem. Move your stopping rod closer to the back of the puncher so the firing rod doesn’t have to much linear motion.