Puncher Magazine

How would you make a magazine with no motors? I have a linear puncher and i need a better way to feed it. I could use one notor if neccasary but I would prefer it to be motorless. Thanks.

Have you though of using a tube that is blocked by the puncher, so when it is in the forward position (not pulled back) the balls stay in the tube, but when it is pulled back, the ball can fall into the puncher. This idea can be used to feed driver loads, but it will not work from the field.

My puncher only barely goes into the place where the ball sits.

First you have to accept the horrible fact that this mechanism is not going to be simple.

If your puncher barely goes into the ball area, then have something on the puncher that sticks up and actuates a door or blocking mechanism on the magazine. Like for example, have a bar that sticks up on the launcher that pushes back a door on the launcher connected to a rubber band tensioner. The other side of the door stops the balls.

Or you could do something way easy and dependable with a motor…

Would just the ball in thr puncher holding the next ball back not work?

It probably would, but it might result in some weird behavior, with accuracy being affected by how many balls are in the magazine. I’m not sure though, so someone with a puncher might try it.

Not using any motors is actually simpler than using a motor to control feeding.

Look at this: Team 2’s magazine

I was thinking of maybe using a small rubberband attatched to the puncher so when it gets pulled back it pulls on a latch or something to drop the ball. But I was really hoping to do something gravity based that couldnt break.