Puncher puncher

We have a puncher mechanism for our string expansion. It’s a contraption that is pulled back using elastics and shoots out a rod. That rod is making impact with two projectiles that will be launched with the string. We need a solution to keep the two projectiles in place without them falling out and being disqualified. Any ideas?

Create something to keep the weights from sliding around and getting angled the wrong way. I would suggest some sort of divider between the two. Side note if you are not using vex IQ parts don’t label the topic as such because you won’t attract the people who are going to help you.

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Also Angle the launcher upwards to keep them from sliding out accidentally.

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I further explained what I was saying in the sentence after that and my suggestion was to add a wall In between which is exactly what you said

you could try a zip-tie brush system, the zip-ties would be stiff enough to hold the projectiles in place, but if they are shot, the would fly through

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