Puncher vs catapult ttv

Which design do you guys like better, puncher or catapult? We are deciding for this years game tower takeover. We are a new team. Thanks guys.

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  1. why a launcher for a stacking game?
  2. Puncher- will reduce the spinning and turning cubes have when being thrown from a catapult but the design might depend on what you are hoping to accomplish. :+1:
    Punchers are also easier to make than catapults (in my opinion) because to make a catapult accurat and reliable with each throw is difficult to do. However, due to cube size a catapult may be able to launch the cubes farther

Neither, build a lift.

You asked for advice for tower takeover, then you continue to put skyrise as the game :thinking:


Must be some lost soul who only did turning point and doesn’t know what life is without a shooter…


Nah flywheel is where it’s at for this game.


Look at these bois thinking you stack in a stacking game. True gods pelt cubes at opponent driver stations.


I feel like we all need to be open to designs that aren’t D4RBs and Trays. For all we know, @vexreally will win worlds with a catapult. And thank you @Freshscott for your suggestion of a flywheel.


You can’t throw cubes at the opposing alliances stack if that’s what you meant by this🙃

True gods pelt cubes at opponent driver stations.


no im pretty sure he means at the other drivers


Oh… I see now. Thankyou for the clarification.

Could be wrong but I think that’s against the rules

it should be illegal by (G1), and if not, it’s highly frowned upon but I’ve been shot at accidentally during TP and a ref never said anything

well I think that was just a bad ref, but I think any time you launch a cube then its illegal.

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wait r u serious though

But can you shoot cubes at your own drive team?


What has this thread turned into

we are currently discussing the potential of a launcher design for tower takeover. And @Wes8, I would say yes from past experiences,

You should build a linear slapper.


So a Puncher?


Double shot catapult is the move I think. You can gain 2x more points if you tune the arcs correctly, and your cycle time will be greatly decreased. However, you’re going to have to tune your shot angles very well because the cube accuracy must be very exact in order for it to be able to stand up to the cycle times of well -built punchers and flywheels, which can miss a cube and take another shot.


Use either a 1:3 or 1:1 slip gear puncher, use the 200 rpm gearbox in the V5 motor.