Puncher vs. Catapult vs. Flywheel Analysis

Hi, as a student new to VEX I’ve been referring to my mentor’s Engineering Design Notebook from last year’s game. It doesn’t include a shooter analysis. I am trying to include a table to compare punchers, catapults, and flywheels. I could make an analysis but I’m inexperienced and I don’t have the time to watch different videos for 7 hours. I’d love to ask if someone could rate each of the following [on a scale of 1(worst) to 3(best)] agility, strength, motors/pneumatics, programming, and design. This way I can assess which shooter might be better in terms of strength or agility (just as an example). Thank you!

if you’re trying to do an analysis for this year’s game, you’re not going to really be able to compare launcher types. So far, revealed robots have only used flywheels, and although there are probably some punchers and catapults being prototyped right now, you’re not going to be able to find any data points on the effectiveness of those launchers for this game, at least not for a while.

Catagang wins worlds.

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To actually answer your question. The catapult would probably be the worst in this case because of the space needed, the size of the disks, and the gearing that you use for a catapult, but you would code it like any other motor. So catapult gets (1). I have never actually worked with a puncher but I would assure that because of the vex components you have to use rubberbands and a linear slide type of situation. If your are able to figure out how to make one I guess it could be usefull but I don’t think It would be able to reload quick enought and get much distance. So puncher gets a (2). Finally, the flywheel is easier to code, depending on if you use pneumatics or a slip gear like Team 1469A 1469A VEX Spin Up Pre-season MVR Concept Bot - YouTube. It take a little time to spin up to speed and it is hard at first to find the right gear ratio, but over I think because of it’s compactness, easy coding, and design. I think that the flywheel is the best. And just so you dont think that this is just an opinion I had to work with flywheels and catapults in the past.

Overall Ratings (In the list on things you said
Catapult: 1,1,3,3,1

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Thank you so much, this will definitely help me with my analysis :slight_smile:

So you are asking other people to watch videos for you for seven hours and just tell you what they learned? A lot of the purpose of VEX is to teach kids how to experiment themselves, rather than ask other people to do homework for you, and even rather than watching videos. In this case, very few people have made punchers, catapults, or flywheels, so 1) all you’re likely to find are thought experiments and hypotheses and 2) nobody else even knows what works best or how agile, strong, or effective any of them is. Everyone is going to experiment.