okay thanks


What type of motors are you using and what is you fire rate?

Just remember this never strictly turns the motor off so it would start the motor and releasing the button would not stop the motor.

I usually try to define a motor to equal a linear combination of variables rather than strictly turn it off and on. This means a single line ever writes to the motor. Also it’s easier to debug in general because you can see the variables change in the debugger.
Motor[puncher] =127*vexRT[Btn6U] ;

I like this very much, thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely be sharing this with the teams I mentor.

High Torque gearing, >1 ball per second

I myself prefer a catapult, why, well I may be a bit biased after working for a month on a linear puncher with cam gears (did not even think about a slip gear :slight_smile: ) and after getting frustrated a few times I got a 1.6 sec fire rate with 3 motors barely making the field; and after working a week on a catapult I had it easily making the field with 2 motors, and 1.3 sec. fire rate (since then I have upped it to 0.6 sec. Fire rate).