#punchergang, are you here?

Hey all!

We’re looking for other teams who are using punchers this season to exchange ideas/information with. Please let us know, thank you!

Gonna bookmark and follow this topic. I was told that back in the older days of VEX, they would’ve done anything but a flywheel lmao


I’m catagang now but I was an avid puncher user before metas we’re established, I could link you my YouTube with some videos if you want


IFT Robot Club (Ruizhi Wenfeng) is one of the few Chinese orgs with a working puncher model; I’m not sure if there are many teams overall with one. Curious as to why you chose to go down that route.

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One of my sister teams, 7700C, has a pretty successful puncher that’s very accurate at close ranges.

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flywheel gang
20 char


As someone who likes creating designs that oppose the meta, I’m excited to see how punchers and slingshots perform this season. Currently, I am using a catapult, but I’d love to see how other designs play out this year. Good luck punchergang and keep us posted!

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We have spoken previously, but thank you!

Do you have a link to a video perhaps? Or is there any way we can get in contact with them?

For as to why we went this route: we had built both a flywheel and a puncher at first and after quite a few test matches, the puncher was just way more consistent. We had our first tournament this past weekend and solidified that our puncher has almost 100% accuracy as long as the drive aims the robot correctly.
We have also found that the shots are much “gentler”, and we are able to add on discs even when they are piled high in the basket.
We currently aren’t able to make cross field shots yet, but are working on it.
Our biggest downfalls at the moment is that our robots can currently only hold 2 discs at a time, and it has to hold one of them in the intake. We are trying to find a way that we can hold three at once while keeping our shots consistent.

Could we possibly get in contact with them? And yes, we have had success with that same thing as well!

Thank you! I believe we have the only punchers in the state at the moment so we really want this to work out for us. It’s tough though since not many teams are going this route.


Just gonna leave this here:


I think you would be happy to know, that at the Spin Up Australian Nationals a week ago, the tournament champion alliance in MS div consisted of two punchers.


can you be apart of puncher gang if you use a puncher to push the disks into the flywheel or is that the kid that trying to be cool and fit in?


Imo depends lol. It’s definitely not a pure puncher but if it imparts some meaningful velocity into the disc (as opposed to gently pushing into the flywheel) then maybe half?? lol

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Just found the video - those bots were really impressive! We’re still on the fence on shooting all three at once or firing 3 in rapid succession.


Slingshot is the natural evolution of puncher.


I was telling this to someone in the lab this morning. I’ve been surprised to see so few slingshots so far, but I’m excited to see more soon (fingers crossed).


This might be a stupid question—why do people seem more excited about slingshots than punchers? They seem to be nearly the same concept and wouldn’t punchers be easier to build?

I never actually built a puncher, but it was very challenging to cad. In order to have enough room to pullback and store the discs, you need a lot of space. It is also challenging to make something out of VRC components that is able to make good contact with the discs. A slingshot is just 2 rails on either side of the bot with a winch tucked away somewhere. The spacing for that design was much easier.