Purchase Inquiry

OK, so we are going to be placing an order in the next week or so. We have a large order of parts (couple thousand dollars) and we also are going to be buying the field kit. If we order all the parts, and the field in one order, will the parts ship with the field, or will the parts ship out before the field? I don’t want to wait two weeks for our parts to arrive.

Let me know so we can plan accordingly!

when we did this from the UK it all came together …

but might be different as it is uk …

When we placed our large order for the year, everything came in just a week or so. The downtime for the field that they mentioned didn’t actually happen.

I would just order it all at once.

OK. I will just order it all at the same time then :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Our field was ordered separately and not with parts but it came in days, not 2 weeks like the website warned. That must be a worst case scenario.

We’re in PA so that is a few UPS zones away from Texas.