Purchase V5 Kit in Canada?

First time post. I was looking to purchase a V5 Classroom Starter kit to try to work on STEM with the kids while out of school due to Covid19. Vex Canada is currently closed down due to Covid19 so purchasing from them is not an option. Anyone know of a site I can purchase in Canada (or ship to Canada) that would have kits in stock and available to ship.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

First of all, welcome. Secondly, you will find out later that people can see when it is someone’s first post (no biggy). And yeah. this is a tough case that we are dealing with. with that being said, i hope you and your family are doing well. have you tried amazon.com?

A site we have purchased from before Is:


Did u click the link? there is a full v5 kit for sale on amazon.

Also, thank you for that link as my friend has been looking for someone BESIDES amazon to buy vex stuff from.

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Nope. I guess last time I checked amazon they didn’t sell vex but now they do. My bad

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Thanks for suggestion but the seller on Amazon does not ship to Canada.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried them earlier but they require Vex Canada to open back up to ship on their behalf.

You could try using a reshipping service.


Have you contacted VEX to see if they can ship from Texas?

Thanks for suggestions. Vex will ship from Texas.

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