Purchasing a Competition field

Our VEX Club is nervous about purchasing our competition fields. We fear that tournaments will not be able to be held.

What is the return policy?

If we are not able to have tournaments, will the competition fields be used next year?

The field itself will be reused, but the field elements and game elements will not be reused. There will likely be tournaments at least towards at end of the season though.


Plus parts from the field (risers and scoring zones), can be used in robots, and might be reused in future games (e.g. Next Level and Rise Above scoring zones)

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This is what I thought too, but this is actually wrong.
Here is a picture from the Rise Above Field Instructions:
But in Next Level, The ramps were four holes long. (You will just have to trust me on this one, because apparently it’s impossible to find a picture of it.)


Dang alright, well the principles still apply.

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