Purchasing Pneumatics

I have been trying to purchase pneumatics for my new team and my new robot, however they always seem to be out of stock and i could use some suggestions on how to purchase them and if I should buy the single acting or double acting cylinders.

Purchase directly from the manufacturers.



If you can, get double acting. They’re much more useful than single action, and can serve the same purpose as a single action piston.

All that you actually need from vex is the triport cable that plugs into the solenoid, which can be bought in packs of two for $30. The other components can be purchased legally from SMC resuppliers. This is a list of part numbers that are VRC legal.

You don’t really need all of these parts (at minimum you need a solenoid, tubing, fittings, VEX cable, and a tank). You’ll also want a pump or portable air compressor.


There should be some new kits out sometime soon, “after WORLDS.”


With the new motor rules I’d bet the need for air power will drop dramatically. Maybe save your money and wait and see.

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That may be true but with a need for a new claw design for picking up Acorns, I could see the need for pneumatics.


I think someone else listed the parts above.

Another note about single vs double-acting pistons. The single-acting pistons have a slightly longer body with the same actuation distance. You can use this as either a pro or a con but it is something important to consider in my opinion. Even with the new 5.5w motors, I personally don’t see pneumatics going anywhere as more power is always more power but maybe thats just my opinion.

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