Purdue Robotics OS (PROS) Now Available!

The Purdue VEX U team BLRS is happy to announce the release of the Purdue Robotics Operating System (PROS). Inspiration for this project came from our numerous Computer Science majors itching to write code for the extended 60-second college Autonomous Period. We created PROS to allow us to leverage this advantage.

Features Include:

• Development on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X (comming soon)
• Eclipse-based environment with one-click download and integrated source control for easy collaboration
• Runtime library written from scratch that takes full advantage of the Cortex Microcontroller’s power
• Direct compilation to native C allows use of structures, pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and functions familiar to students
• Use of standard tools (GCC), coding standards (ISO C99), and function names (libc, Arduino) minimizes learning curve

Since our last post we have working continuously to enhance the user experience and reliability of PROS for high school students. We are happy to share all this work with you and hope that you enjoy it.

Current Known Issues:

• Mac OS X drivers fail to download (Will be available by end of September)
• VEX speaker driver is incomplete
• Integrated Motor Encoders (IME) cannot currently be used from more than one task at the same time
• Debug issues with extremely large or small floating point numbers when using printf()
• Supplement documentation

If you do choose to compete with PROS at your competitions feel free to use the supplied banner and mount it on your robot! We look forward to a great season powered by PROS.

**Available At: **http://sourceforge.net/projects/purdueros

Documentation available at: http://purdueros.sourceforge.net/doc/

Forum ruling on legality of 3rd party software in competition: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-creation-of-programming-software/23082/1


Space reserved for future updates


Awesome! Thanks guys, look forward to experimenting with this

You guys rock.

Now to read through the documentation and figure out how to use this.

Uh, could you possibly upload the header files (API.h and main.h) to Sourceforge? They didn’t come with my installer, and I would rather not create my own from the documentation page.

EDIT: Never mind, just made them.


So ignore my previous comments.

Downloading on non windows platforms was an issue as it points to the git repo rather than the installer.

toolchain is in fact installed. Don’t use MinGW.

Thank you very much for your efforts in getting this published. We will be experimenting with this for this year’s game.

I don’t know what you mean by plugin.

I started the program, created a C Project, and created my own api.h, main.h, and main.c for a test compile. I used the documentation in the OP to create the header files, and when the compiler couldn’t find stdarg.h and the others, I downloaded MinGW. I set the path to include the header files that came with it, set my compiler to MinGW, and I got a compiled program.

I don’t know what I would do with that, I don’t think it would export to a Cortex, and quite frankly I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea what to do now, and I’m basically waiting on further documentation/advice from someone who knows more than I do.

Are you using Indigo or Juno over the IDE that came with the Windows installer? Because I’m not. I just went along with whatever came in the default package, and started monkeying around. Is what I’m doing wrong?

If you can’t tell, I have no clue what’s going on here.

Ok, so I downloaded using a Mac, there was no option to download an installer, just a link to the git repo, so I grabbed that and it included an eclipse plugin, nothing else.

So now I’m downloading under Windows and sourceforge now gives me the option to download the installer. Guess sourceforge detects the OS and only presents those options available.

OK, everything now almost works, start the eclipse (PROS) executable, create a new cortex project, build fails :frowning:

Ignore the plugins, most are there for eclipse, three are specific to pros.

How do you start a new cortex project? I don’t see that option.

File menu->new

That’s not what’s on my screen.

Change perspective to thePROS perspective.

Either use the button top right corner, or window->open perspective->other. then select PROS.

or try file->new->other

and look for VEX Cortex.

I still cannot get make to work, makefile is erroring out on do_subdirs.

No source for the firmware :frowning: That means (although it’s an eclipse based IDE and is free etc.) no tweaking of low level driver stuff. Quite different to what I will release in the next few days.

I just downloaded it for Windows 7 (64bit if that matters) and I’m not seeing the Cortex perspective either. I also had to install the 32bit JRE and add it to my path for it to run at all.

Not an option. I’ve got:

Git Repository Exploring
Resource (default)
Team Synchronizing

as options. Nothing about VEX Cortex.

I’m slightly confused right now.

Well, I don’t know either, are you 64bit as well? I have to call it a day now, perhaps Purdue tech support will be online tomorrow and can help :slight_smile:

No. 32 bit Vista. This is strange.

Hopefully, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Dude, ditch x86 vista. Not only is Vista the worst operating system on the planet, bar none - but a 32bit environment sucks. Only 4GB ram? I have 3ds max projects that I cannot even open with only 4GB.

Sorry guys, I don’t have time to play with this at the moment, but I will and as I stated before, I’m very excited. Eclipse rocks and at $79 for ROBOTC - screw that. Every IDE worth it’s weight in the world has a free version.

Visual Studio Express
X-Code (if you have a Mac)
Dev C++
etc etc…


I’m on 64 Bit Windows 7 on my Mac and all I see is the same thing Ephemeral_Being is getting.