Purdue Robotics VRCC Spring Scrimmage sponsored by iDesign

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that we are going to be hosting a college level scrimmage later this month at Purdue. My hope is to make this a great experience for all college teams with solid practice right before worlds when we need it the most. As of right now ourselves and UIUC are going to be in attendance with a possibility of MTC as well.

If you are a new college team this year and have not been to a competition yet I highly suggest making the trip. There are always those bugs that despite your testing only surface during a competition. As well if you guys have any questions at all about worlds or in general we will be more then happy to help you! We have gotten quite good at debugging vexnet problems. :wink:

We also have some **incentives **as well for everyone who comes!!! iDesign, a leading VEX Robotics retailer, shall be showing their support by awarding the top three teams with gift certificates redeemable for equipment including VEX official parts. They will also be on hand to sell last-minute parts to teams at the competition!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!


Link to event:

I can’t speak for MSU, but I heard that they have a couple working robots. I’ll ask their coach if they’re interested/able to come.

Thanks a lot! I also contacted Bob as well but I have not heard anything back from him. I guess I might have to send a follow up email out to him as I believe they were on spring break last week when I originally emailed him.