Purdue SIGBots 2022 Worlds Reveal and Recap

Hello everyone!

Here is our 2022 World Championship reveal and recap for our teams, BLRS and BLRS2.

BLRS placed seventh in skills, in addition to winning the Science division, facing team WISCO in the overall World Finals! Congrats again to WISCO on the win, well deserved. BLRS2 ranked first in skills with 448 driver and 251 programming scores, becoming the World Skills Champions for VEXU Tipping Point! The team also managed to make it to Technology division finals, before ultimately losing to WISCO in some great matches. Overall, with both of our teams in the final four and Skills Champions at this World Championship, we are very happy with our performance, and hope to keep it up going into Spin Up!

Feel free to ask about any of our Tipping Point robots! We will do our best to answer.

We had a great time meeting so many teams at Worlds, thank you again to everyone we talked with and competed against! Can’t wait to see you all next year.

Spin Up RI2D
Driver POV BLRS Matches
BLRS Match Videos
BLRS2 Match Videos


Definitely the longest vex video I’ve watched all the way through, congrats all around and good luck in Spin Up :grin:


Where do you get your pneumatic air tanks from

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This video just made me really happy and I can’t explain why. Awesome job this year, keep rocking it for years to come.


Probably from Andy Mark. Remember, VEX-U has unlimited use any commercial pneumatic components, but VRC can only use the specific components listed in the VRC pneumatics kits (and is limited to two air tanks).