Purdue SIGBots CAD Library Release

Purdue SIGBots is proud to announce that we are now publicly releasing our CAD library, which is a modified version of the currently available Autodesk Inventor libraries for VEX. This library features axes patterned through all of the square holes in the VEX metal and other components, so constraining parts together is as easy as constraining two of these axes and then constraining two faces. There’s no need for iMates or any other atypical constraining techniques.

Download link:

The above library should contain all of the parts that an average user would need, but it is entirely possible that the library is missing some of the older or more unusual VEX parts. Please let me know if you run into any issues or find that the library is missing parts.

Happy CAD-ing!


What Inventor version are these saved for?

I haven’t had any issues with Autodesk. Seems to work fine on 2015, so I would assume it would be fine on any modern version.

@Adam T The files are a mix of Inventor 2017 and previous versions. These newer files will not be able to work with older versions of Inventor, so I would recommend upgrading to the newest version if possible.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks, really helpful!

Oooh nice. I’ll use this maybe for the next season! Thanks!