Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Update 2/13/21 (New Article!)

Dear VEX Community -

Today we released a medium sized update to the hardware section. This includes:

  • An “Other Lifts” article has been finished and created! This includes a description, pros/cons analysis, and best practices article for:
  • 2-Bar Lift
  • Chain-Bar Lift
  • Elevator/Cascade Lift
  • Various bug fixes, including fixing the Lifts section landing page.

Content requests:

  • Images, videos, and CADs of shooters.
  • We still need images of Chainbars, 2-Bar, Elevator, and Cascade Lifts

This week’s discussion will center around best practices for starting a team, as we will be starting the Team Adminstration section sometime in the near future. We would also like feedback on the new new article mentioned above.

Link to article: https://wiki.purduesigbots.com/hardware/lifts/other-lifts

We thank you for your support, and are still actively looking for people to help out with the Wiki! Sometime this week we will also be releasing our revised double reverse four bar section which goes extremely in depth.

  • The Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Team

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