Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Update 3/21/21 (What we will and currently are working on)

Hey Vex Community,

Sorry for the lack of communication, but our team has been hard at work planning the future of the Wiki, identifying different areas of improvement, and working on articles. From now on, we plan on doing monthly forum posts to prevent spam in the Product Announcements channel.

Progress Made this Month:

  • Six Bar Article Improvements
  • Lift “Good Practices” Article has been improved (most notably the bracing section)
  • Four Bar Article Improvement
  • Various bug fixes

In Progress:

  • Puncher Article
  • Scissor Lift Article (Big Revamp)
  • General Programming Article Improvements

Our plans for the future are to continuously work on the launcher and lift articles concurrently, and then start on the Team Administration/Notebooking section and Software Article improvements concurrently in the next 2~ months.

Also, if possible we request specifically scissor lift images, videos, and CADs for our articles. Puncher images would also be very helpful as well.

We thank you for all your support!

  • The Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Team