Purdue SIGBots Wiki Spring Update

Hello Vex Forum Users!
Over the past few months, the Purdue SIGBots Wiki team has been hard at work making more support material for Vex teams, and bettering some articles we already had out. We wanted to take this opportunity to update you all with what we have been working on, and also ask for your feedback on what we should improve.

First, we recently did a lot of updating to our introduction to Vex Parts especially with our wheels found here (Omni Wheels, Traction Wheels, Mecanum Wheels) with more to come. We also did a lot of work on our lifts, adding gifs to show some in action seen here. We’re planning on similar improvements across more articles, including a full overhaul of our drivetrain articles.

We have known for a while that our software sections have been lacking, so we have put in work making the articles we have more understandable, as well as some fixes in the displayed math. We are working with a few other teams and members of the community on a full revamp of our software articles and help especially beginning teams with their code.

One of the big things we have been working on but are not done yet are a series of tutorials surrounding CAD and programming. We’re hoping to have these out soon after the new game is announced so that teams have the ability to learn throughout the summer and the new season.

We’re still working a lot on more abstract ideas to help incoming teams as well. We added a lot of information to our judging processes information, and some basic robotics knowledge. We’re almost done with a section about design with information on torque, gear ratios, and more.

Finally, we’re always looking for more contributors to the wiki, so if you have any interest in working on this project, please take a look at our Contributing Guidelines.