Purdue VRCC Teaser

Hmmmmmm I wonder what the software team is up to??? Walked into the lab today and I find this little guy built.

So what do we see.

Cortex powered by one battery, more electronics under a 3 inch fan powered by a second battery, I see a 9-pin D connector, perhaps a serial port. Looks like a 4 pin cable custom wired, perhaps serial communication from the cortex to the unknown electronics. Perhaps some image processing going on here, a Ras-Pi maybe, or just an arduino? Whatever it is, the VEXnet key sure is buried.

Hmmm, looks strikingly similar to my bot…

From what I do know since our head of software is keeping this a secret from me as well is that it is interfaced via a serial port on the cortex and it is using our custom communication protocol as well. What the guy is doing I would like to know cause I have been trying to find a use for this board all season lol.

Ah that is what they have been up to!

Well part of your robot looks familiar…

(One of the platforms that we’ve been developing on…https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35471757/IMAG0457.jpg)