Pure Pursuit Odometry

Is Pure Pursuit Odometry going to be very useful for Spin Up? Could someone also dumb it down and explain what it does for me please lol. All i understood is “automatic steering”, but I don’t understand what that means exactly.

EDIT - Also answer the same question for Ramsete Controllers if you can!



The short answer is no, a simple PID will give you far more bang for your buck than pp or ramsete. Pure pursuit draws a circle around the robot with a given radius, examines the point that this circle contacts on a pre-drawn path (radial, bezier, cubic, you name it), and tries to arc itself to that point. If you do this right it’s as though the robot follows the pre-drawn path.

Ramsete is a method of motion profiling with corrective terms thrown in. Pretty high-level, never done in vex afaik.

The #1 skills rank uses no odom and pid drive and turning.
The #2 rank uses odom, pid drive and turning (what a bunch of noobs)

Draw your own conclusions


#1: ez template (op)
#2: actual programming (noobs)


But in all honesty, a well tuned PID loop will do wonders for most teams. SJTU used it for their world record programming skills runs 2 seasons ago, and last season’s World Champs (PiBotics) used it as well.


tbh i can probably test ramsete if i wish, but i certainly got better things to do