Pure Pursuit Path Planner


I’m really excited to share a simple pure pursuit path planner that I’ve been working on, here is the link. I know that these path planners already exist and have been implemented, but I just wanted to try to create on myself so that I can test out my pure pursuit algorithm and also just for fun.

Some of the features of this are the ability to add points, remove points, see how the robot will move along the field, change the look ahead radius, change the x, y, and speed of each separate point, and a place to look at the code you can copy for the path.

The technologies used in this project are React JS, P5 JS, Tailwind CSS, and Daisy UI.

This project is by no means close to finished because there are definetly still bugs and a lot of features left to implement, some of these include:

 - Adding in a box to represent the robot (the circle represents the look-ahead-radius), and this box should be up to scale with the field, this feature should be coming out fairly soon.

 - Fixing a bug in the simulation where if the points are overlapping then it'll cut out sections of the path, this should also be fixed fairly soon.

 - Being able to create a curve along the path based on the points added, this feature may take a while to implement, but I will try to implement it as quickly as possible.

 - More advanced physics. Currently (because I was trying to get this done quickly) there is no PID in this so the robot will basically just snap onto the line which is a bit of a problem. I also want to have the program calculate velocity, angular velocity, and possibly friction, but that isn't a huge priority for me.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and here is a link to the GitHub repo.


Quick note, the link to the website won’t work now, so please refer to the instructions on the GitHub repository, feel free to ask questions if you are having trouble with that.