Pure Pursuit Vex Library: Is there interest?

About a month ago I was researching algorithms for controlling my vex robot. During that time I thought though a ton of them and came up with what I thought was the best one. My metrics for the best algorithm were consistency and accuracy based off of the vex hardware available, and able to perform the quickest approach to desired position and yaw. I then looked at the current approaches to such a thing and found okapilib’s Pathfinder. Pathfinder is great don’t get me wrong but the architecture around it didn’t meet my metrics. Okapilib’s team and Jaci did create something incredible, just not for me.

Therefore since then, I’ve been working on a library that will allow users to use the robust line follower algorithm Pure Pursuit. This fit my metrics just about perfectly. I’ve also created it so far where with only having a general understanding of how it works you can fully maximize it in your autonomous routines. In addition the best of FRC teams use this algorithm, so I would like to raise the bar for vex.

If enough people are interested, then I will release a library for pure pursuit and other incredibly nice things for autonomous modes. However due to the complexity of such a task, early adopters, and early testers are a must. If you would like to contribute, message me on the forums, ping me on the Unofficial Vex Discord of the World potatehoes#7782, or email me acetousk@gmail.com.

After that short introduction, if you wouldn’t like to be a early adopter but you are still interested in the project, please comment your interest below and stay tuned for the first official release.


Thank you for everyone who has contacted me personally. I just did the first official pre-release AutoLib v0.9.0. you can find it here :grin: For getting started, look at the ReadMe.md file of the repository linked above.

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Do you know how I can open the libarary. And read the readme files. I’m still just a beginner so I may not not understand your library.

Yeah! I’d love to help! The project is hosted on github.com. When you go to that link it should automatically show you the readme. For more information on how to get started, to to this wiki article.

Please let me know if you run into any problems. I’d love to help.

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This seems like an amazing tool! Thanks for releasing this

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Yeah Still working out the kinks but i hope it sees use