Purple Despenser

I was thinking, instead of spinning the wheel on the purple despenser, could you use a different mechanism?
So my question is, does it say anywhere in the game manual that you need to spin the wheel? I couldn’t find anything so any help would be great, thanks

If it doesn’t say anything about it, chances are it’s legal.

If it’s a “gray area” part of the rules (which this doesn’t seem like it would be), best bet is to have your team contact write a QnA to clear up any potential confusion.

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The game manual rarely gives any direction on game strategy. And it never tells you what mechanisms are “allowed”. So within the constraints given by the manual, you are free to design and build anything that will play the game.

Please don’t…somebody else has already asked this RTM question, and received the standard RTM response: Emptying Dispenser : Robot Events


But yeah if it’s pretty clear in the rules don’t clog up the QnA.


Thank you both very much I will continue to develop my idea.


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