Purple donuts

Does it matter which way the purple rings are laying on the ground?

The field appendix at http://link.vex.com/docs/21-22/vrc/tipping-point/Appendix-A contains an image showing the rings with the raised edge facing perpendicular to the driver stations.


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There is a specific way they should be layed out and you might want to do it that way. But that does raise a good question if the facing of the rings affect your intake.

The way I remember it is that the “vex” logo on the rings should be pointed towards the alliance sides, and not towards the audience


I had an intake that if you sucked up a ring in the wrong position it got stuck, if the field was set up wrong it would not work, so yes, it does matter the way it lays on the field.

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@Sidoti has a good trick for knowing the proper orientation of the rings/ringles/purple donuts:

The rings should always wobble in the same direction as the platforms.


Just curious, is this the sole reason that the rings are oriented that way.


No. But it’s still pretty cool it worked out that way, huh?


The part of the rings that slope down should face the alliance sides and the part that slopes up should face the audience, and it is important that the field has the correct layout.

Not only an adept of Keep It Simple engineering principle, and a supreme master of Copy & Paste CAD trick, but also a fluent Yoda speaker, @Sidoti is?


It should be flipped out the way a Pringle crumbles best when u step on it.