#PurpleFire Bursts Into Battle

Hey guys! I am pleased to announce the existence of a new VEX U team, POLY1, aka Purple Fire! We are the new VEX U team for Robotics at Florida Polytechnic, and we’re very excited to be competing this year! Our first event will be the Florida State Championship on February 15th. Hopefully we can qualify for Worlds this year!

Check out our website at http://www.purplefi.re/



Good luck (as a UCF dropout / CU Denver dropin).

Florida has a lot of Vex, shadow a high school team if you can.

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You will probably have a few kids from #6430, Trinity Dragons, joining you in 18 months :slight_smile:
They like Polytech.
Didn’t know about the 15th VEXU tourney, see you there to watch.
VRC and IQ are on 2/13 and 14.

Will you be at the VEXU skills challenge in Leesburg on 1/10? Nice to have the MS/HS see some VEXU teams.

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Oh yeah. I’m back, by the way.


@Space pulling a @Cody

So that’s what it’s called?

No, but I’m glad to be back. I thought for sure that when I finished Skyrise that I wasn’t going to do VEX U, but the opportunity presented itself and I figured it would be a lot of fun.


Welcome (back) to VEX U bud.

Thanks! Looking forward to competing.