Purposely Falling Robot

Would it be legal to make a robot that grows to a height of 60"+, then purposely falls in opponents 5 point zone. Hence, blocking them from their 10pt and 20pt zone.

No. Of course not, you are intentionally extending the size constraint. Even if its an “accident” if its match affecting it should be illegal.

It is. There was a Q&A about this. It is a DQ.

The DQ can only be issued if an infraction like this is Match Affecting, regardless of intent. If it’s not, it’s just a warning, but if you rack up one too many warnings, that is grounds for a DQ as well. Yes, a DQ can be issued for an accidental tip-over if it’s Match Affecting also.

Either way, purposely falling over while vertically extended beyond 36" will be a violation, as you are still subject to the 36" horizontal limit when down. Just don’t do it.

“no” it is legal? Or “no” it is NOT legal? Because I’m pretty sure its illegal no matter how you look at it assuming its match affecting.

No, not legal (imho).

It’s definitely illegal. My most recent comp would DQ anybody who fell over, regardless of whether or not it’s accidental or match affecting (probably taking it a bit too far IMO, but the point still stands).

Well the rules say it has to be match affecting to warrant a DQ. I know, because in my last competition during the quarterfinals the team we were playing tipped their DR4B with the lift all the way up, and our robot wasn’t working for other reasons. So it was a 1v1 and their alliance won, but we looked up the rules then talked to the refs and they said if the fallen robot had affected the match then they would’ve DQ’d and we would have won.