Push bot ideas for change up

i want to make a push bot for change up but i dont know how

Build a baisic base. thats it.

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I would Highly recommend not building a pushbot. They can’t score very well, if you are inexperienced, I would recommend building a crunchbot. Here is a step by step guide for building a crunch bot https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/276-8001-755-Web_Rev3.pdf
If you really want to build a pushbot, make sure you do an 8 motor drive. 8 omni wheels with green motor coatriges would give you enough torque to push around both robots. You could also do tank treads with 4 motor powering each side.


+1 to this.

if you lack the experience to build even a pushbot, you should probably start with a cruchbot. you’ll be able to actually play the game, and it will teach you far more about building than a pushbot can.


my team and i have already done the crunch bot the main reason for it would be to help feed the balls to the robot

Well, maybe you could upgrade the crunch bot to use the full motor limit? Adding 4 motors to the drivetrain would make a pretty good push bot and you could still score.


if you’ve got a crunch, why would you want to downgrade to a pushbot?


Make a square. Add motors. attach wheels. Look at previous years.


idk just to help …


I’m a bit confused by your goal here.

if I were in your position, I would try either upgrading the crunchbot with the remaining motors, or attempting to go beyond the crunch to, say, a conveyor belt arm robot (probably the easiest after the crunch, but a lot more competitive)


ok thanks …

I don’t encourage a push bot, but you want to build it.
If it only pushes, use 8 motors on that drive base, ain’t nothing gonna stop you then.

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what is the point of a pushbot, how do they work?

It’s… well a robot that pushes. Obviously this isn’t ideal for scoring, but it is honestly a great defensive bot if done right. Imagine if every single time you got ready to score, a robot came out of nowhere and pushed you offline. This was somewhat ineffective for Tower Takeover because of the scoring protections, but this year a push bot can really mess with you without those protections. I always recommend a robot that can score, but a push is another form of defense. However my best word is to build a mixture of the two, we have a strong drive base with a lot of mass so we can push if we wanted.


ohhh you could do like a bumper that collapsed to take the impact of one tho, right? im sorry that was dumb of me to say

Because pushbots are mega fun. I’d recommend a 6m drive with intakes that can still descore. If I have to put another team in to round out a comp that’s what I’d do

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He wanted to know how to make a push bot not why he shouldn’t.
My suggestion for a push bot:
6 motor drive and 200rpm cartridge
Each motor should be directly connected to a wheel and gear them together to spread the load.
Then add 2 scissor mechanism on each side so you can effectively make yourself wider and section off parts of the field.
This video shows the basic idea: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JDmkFwP_ZuU
Don’t do the extending base as that will cause problems if you don’t know what you are doing.
If you don’t know what something is just google it.


So just be a wall bot but slightly worse?

thanks …

Laughs in having built pushbots for the last 2 games

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