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I am new to Vex and my class are competiting in their first ever VEX competition next month. The class only got the field this week and are busy everyday building, testing and rebuilding the robot. The children watched lots of videos on you tube and felt that using the long parts to make a bumper at the front would be easier than creating a shooting mechanism. Has anyone seen a robot trying to push the discs under the bar rather than shoot them from within the robot? Is it allowed within the game?

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Yes, you can do that. Pushing Discs into the Low Goal can contribute to the alliance’s total score. However, I would recommend Prioritizing the Rollers first, as each owned roller is 10 points, while each low-goal disc is 1 point.

Our team’s driver had resorted to pushing discs to the Low Goal when our shooter wasn’t working during our last competition, and it actually got our alliance to win the match!

Keep in mind that the Low Goal is on your side of the field (as in the starting places) because each disc that misses the high goal and lands in the low goal is a point to the opposing team.

yes, it is actually allowed, but the only thing is, that the “pushing” mechanism can’t go underneath the bar, and depending on the time of your competition, you should encourage your students to also prototype and design a shooting mechanism because it can get a lot more points, But, if your competition is very soon and all, Ben Lipper has a robot called “Strikeout” that your students could build, and their are lots of other examples on youtube, and as always the herobot is a great place for your students to start because it has a simple shooting mechanism.

This topic is in the IQ section, some answers apply to the VRC competition so ignore those.


This is IQ, not VRC, though the challenges are similar.

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Here is a good starter robot and kids can reiterate to make better. First video is how to build the drivetrain which is very quick to build and tune. Next is the idea how to add to the drivetrain.

I hope this helps and welcome to vexiq



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