Push-pull solenoid

This would be a linear actuator using a push-pull solenoid, which would be another way to actuate claws, transmissions, and other mechanisms with electrical power.

Im confused, isn’t that exactly what a double acting cylinder is?

The double acting cylinder requires an air supply. A solenoid that pulls or pushes would work entirely on electricity. I think it’s an interesting idea, but solenoids tend to use a lot of electrical current and don’t provide much force or stroke length. However, it might be good for triggering a mechanism that is powered by an elastic or something like that.

That is a great idea. It could also be used as a release pin. So many times teams are using motor movements to unfold larger parts of the robot out from the 18 inch limit. like with skyrise and the number of teams unfolding a skyrise claw.

That would be the intended purpose for it, triggering mechanisms like that, and it could have a capacitor or something integrated into it to provide the current required.