Pushbot and skills

I know there are still a lot of pushbots out there. Obviously, they are at the biggest disadvantage in skills. What is the skills score anyone has seen or heard about from a pushbot?

What do you think the highest score a pushbot can get?

I can see a pushbot with something to knock stars off the fence getting in the 20 for driving skills and teens for programming skills, but not much higher. Can anyone prove that wrong?

The highest that I’ve heard of was from a pushbot that could also hang.
It got 24 in driving skills by knocking off some of the fence stars with the hanging mechanism and pushing a few under before hanging. I forget what the team number was.

Our B team had a pushbot with a high hang for the early part of the year and for their skills run they just pushed 10 stars under the fence into the near zone and got a high hang for 22 points total

That is pretty good. I am thinking 20s (and probably low 20s) is about as good as it gets for driver skills for a pushbot.

I would love for someone to prove me wrong though. I like simplicity if it works.

The one thing about hanging on pushbots is that in a normal match, youre probably not going to hang, which means that its (usually) a waste of a motor to have a hanging mechanism. Having a pre built hanging mechanism is probably a good idea, as well as having code ready to deal with it would probably be your best bet for skills. I haven’t done a skills run yet, but yes, pushbots are probably inferior to clawbots and dumpers in that respect. Getting a high skills score is going to be pretty hard in a pushbot.

The pushbots in Indiana have gotten as high as 16-20 I believe. Although it doesn’t score enough for them to make a contest for excellence or the robot skills award, it does let some of them into Indiana State championships.

Today, @jwwood13 and our B team got 17 points with a high hanging pushbot.

Yeah, it was great (sorta). We got a trophy and everything. All for our (not really) amazing, impressive (compared to an immobile robot), and (hardly) unprecedented 17 points. yay? But, yes it was with a pushbot that also had a high hang, so for reference, we only scored 17-12=5 stars into the near zone and then hung on the pole all in one minute, because our drive (which is like the entirety of our robot) failed and the front left wheel stopped entirely. The only truly impressive things about this situation are that we still managed to line up to hang afterwards, and that nobody managed to beat us.

We had a team get 21 today with a pushbot. In practice (where everyone does better) they got 29 points and had 16 seconds left after hanging. If they keep this design, they hope to get in the low 30s. Thier hanging mechanism can score driver loads over the fence.

Yesterday, another team from my school used a pushbot to get 21 points in Skills without a hang. They did, however, have a mechanism which knocked stars off the fence.

My C team had a pushbot the cleared the field and knocked stars the top with their high hang mechanism the only disadvantage was that cubes took too long to push under the fence, they also high hung for bonus points