Pushing Discs around the field allowed?

Hey guys,

I had a quick question with regards to spin up. In the game, we have a 3 disc capacity and are not allowed to hoard discs. However, can we push (maybe 5-10 discs or so) to our home zone for 1 point bonuses and then simply drop them off? Teams wouldn’t be holding those discs for the whole game, just pushing them around and then discarding them kind of like a snow plow. Would this be considered holding more than 3 discs/ hoarding and result in DQ?


RTM. this could be found using Ctrl + f and typing push.

Possession - A Robot / Disc status. A Robot is considered to be in Possession of a Disc if the Robot
is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of a Disc such that if the Robot changes direction,
the Disc will move with the Robot. Therefore, pushing/plowing Discs is not considered Possession; however, using concave portions of a Robot to control the movement of Discs is considered


You should probably change the topic title to pushing discs and not rings. Rings are last year’s game elements.


What made you think you have to hold discs for the whole game to count as breaking the possession limit? It says “greater than momentary”.

Depends. If you are going to possess them greater-than-momentarily and try to score them, definite DQ. You could honestly have just reread the rules you referenced.