Pushing the Worlds Qualifying date

Hi All,

Our region (SNE) has our Worlds qualifying event on Saturday. Due to large Coronavirus concerns in Connecticut and Massachusetts, our event has dropped to very small numbers (less than half of the original number of teams), and we currently cannot hold a skills qualifying event due to Coronavirus concerns. We were wondering what the possibility of the Worlds’ qualifying date being pushed was? We totally understand this is unlikely, but we were hoping to hear from others if it’s possible as a result of the special conditions associated with Coronavirus. @DanMantz , is there any way that the Worlds’ qualifying date could be pushed to accommodate for teams dealing with Coronavirus issues first-hand? We would love to showcase our hard work (many teams have worked hundreds of hours on our robots) and do new skills runs to qualify from the skills list, as our robots have improved since the last time we presented them. We would really hope that our region could represent itself well on the world stage.

Thanks, all, and stay safe and healthy.

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Hi, being an EP from the Region, I think moving the date will not help as it will be less likely that gatherings in Massachusetts will be allowed by Colleges and Universities. Also in Massachusetts we are seeing more school districts closing schools due to concerns of spread of virus in the region.

Dan Mantz will be making an announcement shortly (I am assuming within a week’s time) about Worlds.

Our RECF Regional Support Manager is well aware of the challenges and relaying most up to date information up to RECF leadership.


from QCC:

Due to Governor Baker declaring a State of Emergency yesterday, we are cancelling and postponing the Southern New England Regional. We will reschedule once the State of Emergency is lifted. We are not sure when that will be, but we do sincerely hope to run this event and have all of your teams and student here to compete. We hope that all teams will be able to rejoin us for the Southern New England High School VRC Tower Takeover Championship at a date in the future! The Regional is meant to be a celebration of all our teams hard work over the course of the season and we still want to honor that.

There will be a message later to teams about how spot allocations would work.