Pushing tryballs

What would be the rules on pushing tryballs as possession? I was wondering if it would be similar to spin up where there were many robots who pushed way more then 3 discs at once out of the low goals, let’s say you had 3 tryballs in front of your goal would you be able to just push them in, therefore technically having 3 objects under pression, would that be legal or can you only push them in one by one?

This is definitely addressed in the Game Manual. Best practice for engineers is to use primary source documents when understanding the requirements of a task.


Alright, I’ll make sure it’s in there. I’ve only skimmed the manual so far and didn’t see it so I’ll reply again to see what I’ve found as soon as I’ve finished reading it in its entirety. Thank you!

As per what I’ve found it says “robots may not have greater than momentary possession of more than one triball at once” by this definition I believe you can theoretically push more than one triball into the goal so long as it’s less than something like a second of pushing.

While that is true, keep reading, there’s something else that would apply.


Could you let me know where this rule is? I haven’t found anything and I re-read the section. Apologies that I’ve missed something, I’m still kinda new to this

I am really interested to see video of how the triballs move when pushed. (My team took off early from worlds and did not buy any there.)

I assume one of the features of the shape is erratic rolling which would make the shove-a-pile-under strat problematic.

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A good method of attempting to find specifics in a source document (after reading it through completely, of course!) is to do a search for something relevant to what you want to know. In this case, you specifically mention ‘possession’. Do a search for this word in the game manual; when doing that, I find 9 mentions of this word. The one most relevant to your question is (unsurprisingly) in the ‘Game Definitions’ section. It specifically discusses your question regarding pushing/plowing (‘pushing’ would have also been a good word to search for).


Thank you so much! I had no clue you could search for key words and this is definitely going to help me going on when looking for rules like this.

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I am as well, unfortunately my team didn’t make it to worlds and it’s just too expensive to get down there just to watch so I wasn’t able to grab any either. If they move in a decently normal fashion I think it should be fine. The loose plan my team has is get a bunch of out match loads onto our side and near the goal from a distance and then just push them in so I’m really hoping it’s going to work out.

Under the possession section it is stated that pushing or plowing triballs is not considered possession unless you have a concave wall you’re pushing with. This being said, if you have a flat wall, it’s not considered possession. If you’re not using concave portions of the robot to control triballs it’s not possession.