Put brain commands onto the robotc program

Can you take the command off of your robot brain and put it onto the RobotC program?

I don’t know what you mean. Do you want to run auto and driver from your computer?

There is the programming cable.

i want to get my program off of my robot onto my computer

i lost my program and i dont have it saved

but its on my robots brain

Thats an awkward situation to be put in, I hope someone can elaborate as I don’t have access to a copy of RobotC right now, but I believe you can browse the files on the cortex in a dialogue in robotC?

I don’t believe you can because RobotC compiles and then downloads the compiled program to the brain and and there is no way to un-compile it. I could be wrong so feel free to correct me you can however get the hex file that was compiled using view file system

If you can deobfuscate the Hex file, and revert the code to robotc’s language, then maybe… But I doubt it’d work.

Did you program on the same computer?

You really can’t get the code off the robot brain but you can probably recover the code on the computer.

I’ve found that each time robotIc downloads to the cortex, it puts a copy of the program in the recycle bin. You could look there.

unless you delete it or you have old software it should automatically save after compiling it.

Hey guys thanks for trying to help. I looked in the recycle bin and found it there so I have been able to restore it. Thanks again!

I’m forever telling our teams to keep backup copies of their programs on flash drives…but they never seem to learn…

I see our teams are not unique…

Github is your friend in times like this. With Github, you always have a copy on the cloud for access from everywhere, plus it looks really great to judges (IMO) when you can say that you use “web-based distributed revision control and source code management” :stuck_out_tongue: