put one of these on your vex


use the vex controller as a controller fout this arm put on some weels and BOOM
robotic arm vex robot

If anyone actually does this, please post pictures!


as long as you don’t buy the arm at that site use vex parts only =):slight_smile:

I have used a vextroller stripped of its case as the controller for a CrustCrawler Nomad http://www.crustcrawler.com/products/nomad.php?prod=3 instead of the Parallax controller (P annoys me).

I integrated the VEXtroller mostly because I already had working code for image following on the vextroller and it was easer to convert the stride code to C than to convert my camera code to a BS1 (if it would even run). My camera was one of the non-IFI CMU2 cams.

I’ll post pictures when I find them.

~ Christopher

i think that making a http://www.lynxmotion.com/images/Products/Full/l601.jpg would be rather easy to make out of only VEX…but mounting that LARGE mass onto a VEX would be a trick.

Now, this http://www.crustcrawler.com/products/nomad/pics/nomad_pic4.jpg is AWESOME! How long did it take you to completely finish?

The Nomad itself can be built in a (very) long day. The CMU cam modifications, and re-building a vex w/o the plastic case and plugs took me a lot longer; 2-3 weeks.

~ Christopher

hey i’m almost done making an arm out of the vex. but there is a few mod’s i’ve done to it. like for starters it’s on tank treads for mobility. the lower frame has 2 motors for drive and it also is supporting out riggers the devices that stabilize like fire trucks and bucket trucks… so there are 4 motors on the lower half and 5 motors and 1 servo on the arm. the arm and all it’s electronics are located on the upper half. so as it makes full 360 turns nothing will be tangled. i have 2 vex micro controllers running and i just switch out the crystals in the transmitter so i can move it all around and secure it then change the crystal to move the arm. but here is my problem. i have the shoulder, elbow, wrist (a) and wrist (b) but i need a pincher and am having difficulty just thinking of a simplistic way i have a design but it’s complex and the hand will be nearly 3 times bigger than the arm. i will post pics of my progress tonight after i re mod my support pillars and change the length of it’s forarm to reduce some weight. i will post it all in a new thread.

that website has some pretty cool robots. i think ill try and make one of those arms next.