Put picture on brain

just wondering how do u put a picture on the screen have comp on sat plz help

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Dang why does everyone wait the week before a competition to ask questions


soo… what do i do

Because they have a 120 point autonomous, their PID routines are +/1 a half inch in 7 seconds and they are now bored as the mech team replaces all kepts nuts with nylocks.


Idk, I’m a lazy commenter, not a magician.

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im not sure if this if possible on any other platforms but on Pros, there is a pretty easy way. if you use pros i can try to help, im not programmer

dude we dont even have a aton it wont even work

Lol then why are you spending your time beautifying your brain

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because we put out code under when aton and we cant get it to run

Aight time to be helpful:

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thx but this is for vcs it doesnt really help with v5blocks

Hm, it’s easy in VEXcode text, but not possible in blocks. (At least, not at the moment)


thx @jpearman

Use this brain.screen.drawImageFromFile(“(Filename)”, 0,0) ;

Make sure you have the image saved on the as card tho


in v5 blocks will that work???

no this is for V5 Text

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how do you make the file and whats the as card?

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