Putting Mobile Goals under Platform

I know that you can’t place a mobile under a platform in the last 30 because it is considered transitive. Is it allowed to put a mobile goal under a platform however before the last 30/not touching the platform (if it’s tilted)?

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This question has been asked on the Q&A previously here, Is it allowable to push Game Objects under your opponent's platform? : Robot Events

This is a violation of SG3 through SG10.


Thank You! But what if it is not within the last 30 seconds or not touching the platform? Since it is not making contact if a robot drops one without touching the platform while it’s tipped. (Nevermind, Placing a Scoring Object underneath
the opposing Alliance’s Platform, such that it inhibits the opposing Alliance’s ability to utilize the
Platform during the last thirty (30) seconds, would also be considered a violation of this rule)

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Oh sorry, I didn’t see you said “not touching the platform” in your original post. My bad.

Some earlier Q&A’s asked questions about how Rings interfere with platform, as when they are under the platform they don’t instantly touch the platform. This Q&A should answer your question. <SG3> Further clarification on game objects causing intereference : Robot Events

Q. 1. Just to clarify, Rings are also counted as Scoring Objects for this ruling, correct? With the same question as above, do the Rings need to make contact with the Platform in an attempt to balance it to warrant a DQ, or is their presence enough?

A. The answer to all three of these questions is that intent and Match context do matter. It is unlikely that a Head Referee would judge that a single Ring resting on the Platform has “caused interference”. Furthermore, it would not be feasible for a Head Referee to track which Alliance was last in contact with all Rings and Mobile Goals around the field.

So if the referee determines that interference was caused, I’m interpreting this as it should be a DQ, as the Mobile Goal wouldn’t be contacting the Platform in the same way a Ring doesn’t contact the Platform in the question.


So just to clarify, don’t do it and if it’s an accident it doesn’t matter right?

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The edge cases for SG3 feel like they will change depending on how the head referee interprets them. As a competitor, it’s important to remember that reffing will be slightly different at every event you go to and you need to decide where to draw the line on how much you want to push it.

I’d want to play safe and never do it. If it happens on accident, it will generally be a good idea to try to remove the game object. This shows the referee that your intent wasn’t to place the scoring object there. If it’s still there past the 30 seconds, it will most likely be a violation of SG3 C if it was noticed by the referee.