Putting rubber bands around intake roller

I want to put a single rubber band around this intake roller, but the roller keeps breaking when I put more than 2. How would I do this?

By single rubber band I mean one rubber band stretching across the intake, not 2 tied together

Im in vrc and dont know much about iq but i assume your problem is that the tension is too great. If you tied two together or zip tied them or something (not sure if those are legal in iq) and arranged it so that the tied ends were on the outsides of those sprockets, then that could help your problem. it would put less strain on the supports in the middle. also worth considering, will the roller have greater structural integrity once you put an axle through it? will this still be a problem once you build it into your robot? Also, you should probably specify when you say breaking. that could be a multitude of different things

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Instead of standoffs I would use corner connectors on the sprockets with beams going across, which should be stiffer


One of the rubber bands snaps, causing an imbalance of tension. This leads to the standoffs collapsing on that side, and to whole intake snapping in the middle.

if the rubber bands are snapping then you need to reduce the space across the roller. Iā€™m not sure how wide you roller is or why you need it to be that wide but if I were you I would reduce the width because it seems to me that that roller is unesasarley wide meaning that you are causing more stress on the rubber bands than nessasary.

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