PWM Cable does not fit

For the Victors in the 2006 kit (blue label), the PWM connectors don’t fit. This is with our new cables. It seems the housing has been changed to ensure the correct polarity. Our PWM cables plug OK into last year’s Victors. Our cables have a flat connector on the end. Do I need to buy new cables? Why didn’t I get the right ones in the kit?

You did get the right PWM cables for the Victor. Due to tolerances in the cable connector and the Victor plastic, the fit sometimes becomes very tight which is what you want. There is no way to ensure correct polarity from the housing; this is left up to the user. If you can not get the PWM cable into the Victor housing, simply chamfer/file the corners of the PWM cable (the corners that insert into the Victor housing first) just enough to get the cable started into the Victor housing.