PWM cable

What are the three colors on the PWM cable (ie: positive, negative and what?)? I want to connect a siren and cannot figure out which to connect to. Also how do I program this to go off, with the digital output?

Ground - black
Positive Terminal - red
signal (PWM, etc.) - white

I’m pretty sure this is right.


What does the white, signal, do?

sends a pwm signal between 0 and 254 to your motor. 0-126 spins the motor in one direction (forgot which one), and 128-254 spins the motor in the opposite direction. 127 is netrual and the motor doesn’t spin.

that is correct, if you want to be really cautious, use a digital multimeter

For sensors here is what the three wires do:

Red (Live) (+5V)
White (signal) (0-5V)- Carries signals: analog and digital voltages and PWM
Black (ground) (0V)

Hope this helps for anyone

Here is a link to home brewed sensors from CMU robotic academy