PWM Current

I’m using a Futaba PCM reciever and running two Victor 883s. I 'm using the PWM cable, which IIRC draws additional current from the receiver battery to boost the Rx signal to the level required by the Victors. My question - what is the approximate current draw to run a single Victor? Is the draw constant or does it vary? I also am running a power-hungry switch (220 ma draw) so I’m trying to make sure my receiver batteries are sized properly.

There are two different current draws associated with the Victor, the main power and the PWM signal current. The current draw for the main power depends on the motor connected to the Victor and it will vary. The PWM current will peak at about 80mA for 1-2 ms. The average current is about 10 mA. This current will also vary because the PWM high pulses are only On for 1-2 ms of the period. The period is 17 ms for our Mini RC and 26.2 ms for the Full Size RC unit.