Will a short on the pwm connector cause damage to the Victor? I purchased a Victor from another vendor and they supplied a pwm signal booster with it, but it was not the IFI pwm signal driver. Consequently their signal booster had a shrouded plug, not the normal male plug, which they recommended cutting off so that it would plug into the Victor. I did this and everything worked OK at first. But I’m afraid that when I cut off the shroud to expose the pins, that I may have damaged the connector, causing the pins to be loose. When I unplugged and then re-plugged the connector into the Victor, the pins may have shorted. And now the Victor won’t respond. I get a flashing red light, which indicates no pwm signal.

Did this damage the Victor? Or did it just damage the signal booster? I am able to control a standard servo that is plugged into the booster, but I’m thinking that the signal amplification is no longer there, causing the Victor to sense that there is no pwm signal.

Should I get a IFI signal driver and try that? Or am I out of luck.

**A short on the PWM connector can cause damage to the Victor. If you do have a flashing Red LED, then the unit has most likely been damaged. If you have a flashing Amber or Yellow LED; then yes, this indicates no PWM signal to the Victor.

Since your signal booster works with a servo, I doubt that it has a problem and I don’t think an IFI signal driver will help in this case. About all you can do is make sure the PWM Input to the Victor is getting a good connection with no shorts. If you still get the flashing Yellow or Amber LED, then the micro-processor has most likely been damaged. You can call us and get a RMA number to send your Victor in for repair. You will probably be better off spending your money on a new unit.**