PWM Ports

Who thinks that the ports on the PWM cables should only be able to plug in, in one direction

The person who designed the key on the connector (the notch that fits into the mirror image notch on the Mirconctontroller), and the person who color-coded the wires in the extension cables both thought that.

What makes you think differently?


im talking about the wires that dont have the notches, the extensions

all you have to do is line-up the wires, and you dont have to worry

PS: if you are using the sensors w/ the extension this doesnt matter, they use the two outer wires, not the sensor (i think)

Ive never had any problem with them.

Same here no problems what so ever.

If they did some sort of special keying for the extensions, I wouldn’t be able to use all the cheap 3 pin fan extensions I bought. Just in case people aren’t aware of this - you can e-bay them for about $2 each and they work fine although you need to be very careful not to plug them in backward. The savings is well worth the extra 5 seconds it takes to double check them.

um, the poll does not make sense. i would have said “yes”, they are fine, but i do not find them annoying at all. why else would they be color coded? i guess if you want you can plug a motor into a PWM wire backwards, as long as you also plug it into the microcontroller backwards.

Its true the poll is backwards my only complaint is that the extensions easily come unplugged from each other and it takes a lot of zipties to get them really secure.