PWM signal from digital port

We want to use 12 motors on our robot, but have run into the issue of only having 10 motor ports. We tried the Y-Cables, but most of the motors need to be individually controlled.

Recently, after some experimentation, our team managed to create a PWM signal from a digital out port and run a 2-wire 393 motor (with the motor controller 29 esc) off of it with some success. Would we be allowed to run a 393 motor off of a digital port on the EDR cortex in a competition setting?

Our Code:
SensorValue[port1] = true;
SensorValue[port1] = false;

We recognize that page 39 of the game manual under <R12> states “2-Wire Motors must be controlled by a 2-Wire Motor Port, either directly on a VEX micro-controller, or on a VEX Motor Controller 29 module (276-2193).” We were hoping that by coding a digital port in a rather unorthodox manner, we would be able to run our motor on it (with the motor controller 29 esc).