Pyhsical bot contact

One of the members of my group had an idea to use a small, spring loaded pusher in the bot to stay on the center platform in the newest game. Is this legal?

It depends on how you plan to use it. If it’s intentional use can clearly cause damage to opposing robots then it is now legal, put a simple pusher that is not so violent can likely pass as legal.

If it doesn’t or can’t break the other robot (including yours and your alliance’s), and it uses VEX-legal parts, it should be fine…I think. Defensive play/design is part of the game.

Use the inspection checklist… If it will pass inspection… and re-inspection… you are good.



Yup. It all depends on how is the device being used.
In Singvex, some of our teams had a pneumatic pusher/puncher.
But it was ruled (and I think it is also in one of the q&a as well) that we can’t used it as a puncher (even if the opponent robots will not be damaged), but it was ok as a pusher.

edit: the q&a…