Pyrotechnics post state reveal (yes this is a little late)

This is by no means the best reveal video but it was fun making the robot

2m drivetrain
2m four bar lift (1:7)
2m BackArm (1:1.5)
1m claw (for front arm) (1:3)
Yes we had 1 extra motor (we had no idea what to use it with)
1 inertial
1 Vision
1 distance
1 rangefinder
1 potentiometer (V1)
1 potentiometer (V2)
Here are some pictures of our prototypes-


im assuming that its a 100rpm drive?

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Yeah, it was slow but really strong.

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On a scale of 1 to 10 rate the Toaster (our robot)

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It’s ok. Tbh you should’ve put the motor to use. Even having a side ways wheel would be better than just having it on there. I would have personally made a claw and slapped it on the side, boom three goal capacity


Mate we already have a three goal capacity, but you are right that it was dumb of us to not use it.

oh right, sorry kinda brain dead rn. Could’ve had 4 tho

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Yet no ring intake, high goal mech, or goal rush mech. Honestly a decent robot but I’m not sure how it will stand up to the rest of the meta bots at worlds


Sadly we didn’t make it to worlds, but we didn’t have pneumatics (shipping is slow) which was a major set back.