Python Brain And Controller Display

Does this look like good code to display the motor temperature on the controller and V5 brain
Thanks In Advance
P.S Check is just the comment that I made

brain.screen.print_line(1, ‘CHECK!!’)
brain.screen.print_line(2, (motor_11.temperature(vex.PercentUnits.PCT)))
brain.screen.print_line(3, (motor_12.temperature(vex.PercentUnits.PCT)))
brain.screen.print_line(4, (motor_13.temperature(vex.PercentUnits.PCT)))
brain.screen.print_line(5, (motor_14.temperature(vex.PercentUnits.PCT)))

con.screen.set_cursor(1, 1)
con.screen.set_cursor(2, 1)
con.screen.set_cursor(3, 1)

Be aware that VEXos imposes a 50ms blackout on sending new messages to the handheld controller after a message is sent. All the controller will get is “CHECK!!” before it then ignores the next two messages. This looks like it will display motor temperatures on the Brain just fine.

@John TYler
So does that mean that it won’t how the motor temperatures??

It will show them on the Brain. It will not show them on the handheld controller.


so where would I put that in the code before or after the while true?

Inside, if you want it to be run over and over