Python + C at the same time?

So, I’m currently in a team of 5 at my robotics club in highschool. We are using the VEX EDR V5 kit.
Two of us are going to be responsible for programming. I have some previous experience in Python 3, and he has experience in ROBOTC.
So I was wandering about how we could both use our preferred language together (his being ROBOTC, mine being Python).
What would be the best way to go about this?
I was thinking perhaps I could compile it down into ROBOTC (like you can with regular C AFAIK), but I’m not really sure how to do that, nor what I should do from there.
Or perhaps there’s another way?

PS: Also, it looks like Robot Mesh Studio uses PyMite, which is Python 2.X, is there anyway I can switch it to micropython which is 3.X?

Well, you can’t use robotC with v5

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Oh, I never realized. He must have assumed that you could use RobotC with the V5 since he could use it in one of the other kits.
Well I guess that answers my question then, looks like hes going to have to learn python I suppose.

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You could always use PROS with C++ with that was a desired route.

As for upgrading Python to version 3.xx I do not know what benefit this would actually have but I doubt it.

Not the easiest way but if you’re using V5 you could use an embedded version of Python. I can’t make any statements about the size of cross-compiling CPython and its dependencies but there’s plenty of micro implementations of Python. If you want to use Python because of what you’re team knows. I think using Cython with PROS is the best choice:

If you want to use Python, the best choice is to use RMS.
It has native Python support and API.

Otherwise, C++ is the language that all the other solutions like PROS, VEXCode, or RMS C++ use.

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If you want to use C, you could use PROS. They offer both a C++ version and a C version.